Uppsala Konsert & Kongress 753 75 Uppsala | info@ukk.se | 018-727 90 00 Svenska

Concerts and tickets

Concerts and ticket information

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress is a cultural venue, with a wide range of different musical genres performed by local, national and international artists.


Welcome to visit or phone Uppsala Konsert & Kongress ticket office and information desk at Vaksala torg, Uppsala, phone +46 (0)18 727 90 00.

At the ticket office you can by tickets to concerts, shows, theatres, and other events that take place at UKK, as well as gift certificates.

Bookings from outside of Sweden

Contact Tickster Callcenter through support@tickster.com or call +46 (0)77-147 70 70 if you are having issues with the online fraud check while using a foreign credit card.

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress' concert halls

  • Stora salen - The Main Hall - 1120 seats
  • Sal B - Hall B - 340 seated or 390 standing
  • Sal C - Hall C - 120 seated or 150 standing
  • Sal D - Hall D - 960 standing
  • Parallel events take around 3000 visitors

There are also backstage areas for performers, crew, organizers etc. with lounges, a green room, dressing rooms and storage areas.