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Conference room K9

Lounge, conference room and views from the secluded floor.

At the top of the Uppsala Konsert & Kongress building is the conference floor. It is intended for groups that want to meet in a secluded, comfortable and inspirational environment.   Events can be complemented with a welcome reception,  supper and dinner parties for smaller groups.

The conference floor features two boardrooms, each of which can accommodate 8 people and a larger conference room for up to 40 people. There is a lounge between the rooms with sofas where you can take a break or hold a smaller meeting.

Floor plan, level 7

Conference menus


Board room seating plan: 8 persons


Size: 17 m²


LED-TV, HD, 55 inch


Pens and writing pads


Optional without fee: Document camera and Blu Ray player

Several rooms on the same floor

  • Conference room at UKK. Photo: Nina Broberg

    Conference room K8

    Lounge, conference room and views from the secluded conference floor.
    Up to 8 persons
  • Conference room at UKK. Photo: Patrik Lindell

    Conference room K7

    Lounge, conference room and views on a secluded floor.
    Up to 40 persons
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