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Here you will find contact information for our reception, bookings, departments and staff members.

Employees and departments: email generally follows the format:

  • Management and executive management staff

    Uppsala Konsert & Kongress is part of the municipal corporate group, Uppsala Stadshus AB. Here you will find information for executive management, HR and finance.
  • Meetings and events

    Bookings, sales and project management for meetings, conferences, assemblies and congresses, events, banquets and business lunches. Contact us with quotation requests and general inquiries regarding non-public events.
  • Marketing

    The marketing department manages everything concerning marketing, press enquiries, accreditations and photo authorisation.
  • The programming group

    The programming group produces concerts and cultural events on stage at UKK, in addition to managing the hiring of stages for public events.
  • Reception and ticket office

    Reception sells tickets, gift cards, branded products and CD:s. Our reception team can also provide you with information about our conference services.
  • Restaurant

    Food and beverages are important aspects of the Uppsala Konsert & Kongress service package. Here you will find all contact information for our restaurant, kitchen and warehouse.
  • Technical staff and facility management

    Technical solutions for audio and lighting, stages and meeting venues. Facility management, property services, concierge and caretaker services and receipt of goods.