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Practical details

Here you will find all the practical details for planning conferences, congresses, events and exhibitions.

Conferences and exhibitions



We strongly recommend that you order a container for waste when holding larger exhibitions.


The hiring fee for the venue includes the use of existing electricity sockets and use of electricity (220V/10A/2000W). Contact our conference team for a quote on additional installations and extensions.


There are six flagpoles, three facing Vaksala Square and three facing Storgatan. The flagpoles are twelve metres high and are made for traditional flags that are hung on the short edge with a cord. The long side of the flag should be a maximum of 4 metres long.

Coat check/Luggage storage

The coat check is located on the bottom floor (one floor down). There are 120 hangers with locks and 170 lockable cabinets. For large groups, we recommend a staffed coat check service and left luggage. There are also 200 hangers with locks on the 7th floor.

Congress aisle in the Main Hall

The Main Hall is built with the possibility of removing the chairs in the middle of the floor and consequently opening up a central aisle. Talk to our conference team to request a refurnishing quote.

Transport elevator

The transport elevator is 199 cm wide, 550 cm deep and249 cm high.

Outdoor areas

Use of the land around Uppsala Konsert & Kongress requires a permit from the police, with exception for our outdoor stage facing Vaksala Square and the outdoor dining area.

There will be an additional fee payable to the Municipality of Uppsala for use of the land and will be invoiced via UKK.


Our conference premises include basic furnishings and standard furnishings for conferences. The same applies to conference lunches and conference dinners, with basic furnishings with a long table included as standard. When booking banquet menus, optional existing furniture is included in Hall D. We will be happy to arrange other types of furniture, extra furniture or rearrangement of furniture. Talk to our conference team.

Key cards

Some premises in UKK are closed to the public but will be easily accessible to your delegates with a keycard. Think about how many keycards you will need for conference rooms and who they will be registered to. Lost key cards will be charged for.


There is a parking building and parking spaces available within walking distance from Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. Temporary parking permits for spaces adjacent to Uppsala Konsert & Kongress can be obtained for those with special needs.

Exhibition planning

Order exhibition planning outlines from our conference team or download them here. Send the outline of the exhibition to us for approval at least one month before the event.

The erection of displays in front of or adjacent to emergency exits is not permitted.

Evacuation route signage must not be blocked or hidden. In the event of special needs we can erect extra signage.

It is not permitted to tape information materials to the walls or windows of the UKK building. Talk to our conference team for further instruction.

We are in contact with companies that work with exhibition services and help with the planning of fairs or exhibitions, for example by assisting with drawings, sectioning of exhibition space and contact with exhibitors.

Equipment for exhibitions such as billboard screens, walls, standing desks and other furniture and lighting can be ordered through us or our external exhibition organiser.

Registration desk

There are registration desks available for hire. The desks have six A3 signs on the front and a top plate measuring  20 x 200 cm.


Rotational cleaning of toilets and public areas is included in the hiring fee. For special needs, we will charge for extra cleaning, in particular in connection with moving in/vacating after an exhibition.

Exhibition space

In Hall D on the ground floor there is over 900 m2 of space for exhibitions.  The hall can also be divided into sections using screen dividers. Hall B, Hall C and the different foyers are suitable for smaller exhibitions. In total, there is approximately 2000 m2 of exhibition space available.


Delivery address for shipment of goods

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress
Inwards Goods
ÔÇŁName of the meeting or companyÔÇŁ
Roslagsgatan 6
753 27 Uppsala

Removal transportation

When the exhibition has finished and to the extent possible, the goods must be transported away on the same day. If this is not possible, an alternative arrangement must be agreed with the conference team.

Flammable goods

We cannot handle goods that are classified as a fire risk.

Insurance for transportation and storage of goods

The customer/client (person, organisation or business that is responsible for arranging the event) is responsible for items being exhibited, decorations and other materials.

If you are a representative of the  customer or client, you should ensure that you take out insurance and, where appropriate, recommend that exhibitors or others also take out insurance.

Goods handling

To solve warehousing and storage requirements in a secure manner, the earliest we will receive goods is the day before the event or at another time following agreement.

Notify our concierge or conference reception in advance regarding which goods will be coming, when they will be coming and where you would like them to be stored.

Concierge 018-727 90 70, 0768-30 47 92
Conference reception 018-727 90 27
Fax conference reception 018-727 90 25

Handling of large goods

Receipt and return of large items such as pallets or crates are charged per unit. This applies both before and after the exhibition.

Loading and unloading

All loading and unloading is done in the loading bay facing  Roslagsgatan or the entrance facing Vaksala Square. If you have special requirements, you can obtain a temporary parking permit for parking adjacent to Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, contact the team on 018-727 90 27.

Pallet lifter and forklift

There is a pallet lifter available for use at UKK, but there is no forklift.


Information screens

We have several indoor digital image screens on which information can be displayed.  The images are displayed as static pictures or as a scrolling slideshow with any choice of interval.

Standing screens (LCD screens) 768 x 1366 pixels
Landscape screens 1366 x 768 pixels
Resolution 72 pixels per inch
File format: jpg

Our conference team can provide quotes for handling and set up.


There is a wireless connection available free of charge throughout the entire building. However, the network capacity is limited by the number of users connecting to the network at the same time. If you have special requirements for a high capacity and secure connection, we are happy to offer this in connection with the conference booking.



We work with a local security company and manage the booking of security staff upon request. Any security staff or measures will be paid for by the organiser/client.

Fire alarm

The fire alarm installed in the building is always activated with a direct alarm line to the fire brigade.

Smoke machines and fire extinguishers

If you have equipment such as a smoke machine for example, there is a special requirement for a fire extinguisher as a form of fire protection. The fire alarm must then be deactivated and fire safety staff  must replace the fire alarm function.

Talk to our conference team about a quote for special fire protection.