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Conference menus

Uppsala Konsert & Kongress offers a wide range of menus - everything for breakfast meetings, day-long conferences, fairs, networking and mingling events and festive dinners.

Good food and drink is a given at important meetings! Our food is always extraordinary. There are boundless opportunities to create culinary solutions to meet your needs and food can be served in all locations at our premises. Our ambition is to deliver food, drink and service that will frame your experience with us, adding to an overall positive impression for all guests.

Conference lunch

Lunch features seasonal raw ingredients sourced from organic, local growers wherever possible. We also use a smaller amount of meat and increase the proportion of vegetables.
Menu conference lunch mars-sept 2020 (pdf)
Menu conference lunch oct 2020-feb 2021 (pdf)
Conference Day Package mars-sept 2020 (pdf)

Dinner and parties

The dinner menus are inspired by the season in which the raw ingredients come into their own. Served in our flexible locations, you can easily add your own touch to celebrations and parties, banquets, meetings and gatherings. With seating plans to accommodate from 40 up to 1,000 people (850 people in Hall D at the same time). Combine a two- or three-course banquet with welcome drinks in the Skybar with views over Uppsala.
Dinner Menu mars-sept 2020 (pdf)
Dinner menu oct 2020-feb 2021 (pdf)
Dinner Menu- 3 vegan courses mars-sept 2020 (pdf)
Banquet menu mars-sept 2020 (pdf)
Banquet menu oct 2020-feb 2021 (pdf)


It is easy to plan and carry out a mingle while also lending it an air of exclusivity. The mingle platter is complemented by delicious canapés from a buffet. Choose from the different menu themes with different contents.
Mingle menu mars-sept 2020 (pdf)
Platter of delicacies mars-sept 2020
Platter of delicacies oct 2020-feb 2021 (pdf)
Vegetarian platter of delicacies oct 2020-feb 2021 (pdf)
Lunch platter mars-sept 2020 (pdf)
Lunch platter oct 2020-feb 2021 (pdf)

Early, efficient and pleasant – discover the advantages of the breakfast meeting.  For early meetings, we provide a delicious breakfast to start your day.  Our facilities can accommodate groups of many sizes.
Breakfast menu mars-sept 2020 (pdf)
Breakfast menu oct 2020-feb 2021 (pdf)


Something light and tasty before, during and after the meeting. Can be served in, or adjacent to the meeting area where your meeting is held. Or why not host it at our Skybar?
This and that mars-sept 2020 (pdf)
This and that okt 2020-feb 2021 pdf)

Grab and go

A grab-and-go menu is available for those who would like something simple to take into a meeting or have on hand during a fair or exhibition.
Grab and go mars-sept 2020 (pdf)
Grab and go okt 2020-feb 2021

Conference drinks menu

The menu includes non-alcoholic beverages, beer and wine. Our sommelier can help you create a perfectly matched beverages package to complement the food you have chosen.
Beverage menu mars-sept 2020 (pdf)
Beverage menu oct 2020-feb 2021 (pdf)

Allergies and special diets

We will do our best to cater to vegetarian diets, requests for special diets due to allergies and/or for medical reasons. It is not possible for us to meet requests for special diets for different dieting models.

As we cook many different types of food in our kitchen every day, there may be traces of nuts, gluten and lactose present even in special diets. We do not offer halal or kosher as we cannot guarantee that the raw ingredients have been stored and handled in the proper way.