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It’s good to be here!

Good food and drink is an extension to both cultural experiences and important meetings! At our place, the food is always something quite extraordinary.

111 783 lunches…

Peace and quiet is very rare in the kitchen at Uppsala Konsert & Kongress. With more than half a million visitors each year, there are many plates to be served. But despite the high tempo, we never compromise on quality.

We offer a discerning dining experience. All guests, groups and companies are different. Some want a full three-course dinner before going to a concert. Others want a lighter meal to keep the work flow going after the meal. And yet others want to be surprised and inspired by food they haven’t tasted before.

The food made in the Uppsala Konsert & Kongress restaurant always uses the best seasonal raw ingredients available. We serve food that draws its inspiration from all over the world but with obvious consideration of our environment.

Good food is an extension of both culture and meetings!

On a daily basis we serve lunch, morning and afternoon teas and other treats. In the evenings we open our bars and service concert buffets and dinners in connection with events. Our kitchen ensures that our 60,000 annual meeting delegates have memorable taste experiences of all sizes – from the morning coffee with healthy treats to multiple course dinners with white tablecloths and sublime drinks.

It’s always good to be at our place. Welcome to the Uppsala Konsert & Kongress taste experience!