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Around the building – virtual tour

What does the Main Hall look like? Or Hall B? Here you can take a virtual tour and view our venue floor plans.

Take a virtual tour around the building (Photo: Jann Lipka)

Floor plans

Main Hall, seating plan
Hall B, seating plan with grandstand seating
Hall B seating plan without grandstand seating

Floor plan, level 2
Floor plan, level 3
Floor plan, level 5
Floor plan, level 6
Floor plan, level 7

What is where?

Level 1: coat check and toilets
Level 2: entrance, reception and ticketing office, Hall D with restaurant/café
Level  3: break refreshments, Hall C and Hall B, conference rooms  1- 6, toilets
Level 4: offices of Uppsala Konsert & Kongress and Music in Uppland
Level 5: offices, backstage, artist dressing rooms and audio and lighting rooms
Level 6: the Great Hall stalls, foyer with views around the whole building, Skybar and break refreshments, toilet
Level  7: Great Hall balcony and dressing rooms, toilets, unstaffed wardrobes with lockable hangers, storage cabinets, conference level with lounge, meeting rooms 7-9

Accessible toilets and  changing tables are available on levels 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6.