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We continuously work towards making your visit a better and better experience. Do you have special requests in connection with your visit? Get in touch!

Do you have any requests before visiting us or any ideas on how we can improve our venue? We would be happy to hear your thoughts. Contact our reception team on 018-727 90 00 or send an email to

Specially adapted places
Contact our ticket office on 018-727 90 00 to book specially adapted places.  We always have a number of places available for escorts/companions that can be booked via reception on a first come, first served basis.

The Great Hall has four places for wheelchairs on the upper side of the stalls. Chairs are provided for companions/escorts . For those with visual impairment, or those who are unable to use the stairs, for example if you use a walking frame, assistance is available to help get you into a position in the room that suits you. The entrance to the Main Hall is on level 6, to which there is both a lift and an escalator.

Hall B has spaces for four wheelchairs. The entrance to Hall B is on level 3, to which there is both a lift and an escalator.

Hearing loops, IR- and magnetic loops
All concert halls have hearing loops. In the Great Hall and in the back rows in Hall B and Hall C there are magnetic loops for your own hearing aid.  Magnetic loops are also available from the ticket office and in conference room 3.

In designated areas in Hall D and in the front seat rows in Hall B infrared transmitters are used. You can borrow the receivers from the ticket office or conference reception. To get the best reception from both the magnetic and IR loops you should avoid seats next to walls, behind columns and in the boxes.

Attendance hosts
At each performance our attendance hosts can answer your questions and will be responsible for security during the concert. The attendance hosts can be found at each entrance to the halls.

For guests with disabilities who have special parking permits, there is parking available outside Uppsala Konsert & Kongress facing Storgatan.

Taxi telephone
There is a free taxi telephone available at the entrance from Vaksala Square.

Entrance doors
At the entrances there are sliding doors that open automatically.

There is a lift to the concert halls, the foyers and the conference rooms. Upon arrival at each floor, a recorded voice announces each level.  You can use the lift without a pass card between levels 1, 2, 3 and 6.

There is no lift to level 7, i.e. the balcony section of the Great Hall. Those who have difficulty with stairs should therefore select a place in the stalls.

There is an escalator between levels 2 (entrance level) and 3, as well as one between levels 3 and 6.

Wheelchairs available
Uppsala Konsert & Kongress has one wheelchair available. Contact the ticket office to book the wheelchair during your visit.

Manual transmitter for door opening available 
Manual transmitter for automatic door opening of conference rooms on level 3 is available for use from conference reception on level 3.

Wheelchair accessible toilets with wider doors are available on all levels. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet on the entry level by the entrance from Vaksala Square.